Instructions for posters

The posters will be presented on the first floor and will be arranged by topic.

The length of the corresponding final paper in the proceedings for a poster is equal to that of an oral presentation.

Each poster is assigned to a lecture session in which you may introduce your poster by a short presentation of two minutes. Further time slots will be assigned during which the corresponding authors are asked to be available next to their posters to answer questions.

Poster format

The poster size is A0 portrait (width x height = 84,1 cm x 118,9 cm). Glue strips for fixing the posters will be provided.

Poster Award
A bonus will be awarded to the best three posters by a jury. The poster awards will be granted on Thursday (March 17, 2016), 12:00, in hall Europa. Interested authors are requested to send their poster (as PDF) to DEGA office ( until March 07, 2016. One requirement to win the poster award is that the poster is actually presented at DAGA.